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I was asked why we always address God in the informal instead of the more formal Thee or Thou.  I remember hearing somewhere that it has to do with viewing God in a familiar way.  In doing a bit of googling I found out that Thou and Thee (as in the Our Father) is actually the informal way to address God! All this time I thought that it was the formal sense.  Actually, “you” is the formal form, but the English use of the informal Thee is not used much anymore.  In fact, the Spanish Tu is equal to Thou in English.  So in other words, we have always used the informal sense when addressing God even in English!  What a revelation for me!


I have been away from my blog for awhile as we have been gearing up for the summer schedule of courses here at MACC.  I am happy to annouce that we will be building a new and improved website for MACC!  It is looking good so far.  We just started a session of the Hispanic Ministry for the 21st Century Program (once called the Mini Pastoral).  There are so many exciting things happening here lately! Gracias a Dios. 

A lot of things have happened in the new lately as well, some of it quite disturbing.  A friend of mine was busted for solicitation of a minor – talk about shock!  I wish I had an answer to some of these problems in the world.  Recently a famous priest left the Church because of a scandal.  What is disturbing is that he carried on this relationship for two years (or so he says)!  La pobre mujer!  Was she just going along with this relationship to please the man she loved?  Keeping it hidden, secret…”shhh just tell them your my cousin from Cuba”  Fr. Alberto seemed to be quite happy going about his life as a priest with a movida, but what does that say about him and how he treated this woman?   Once he got busted …well, he quickly gets on national television, tells of his love for this woman, and then within days joins the Episcopal Church without even an good bye or ay te watcho!  If I were her I would look on him with suspicion and ask him “why didn’t you do this years ago?”, or  “Ay tu, now you want to do it cause you got caught by the paparazzi?”  He says they have been together about two years, but my gut says it was probably much longer.   I know of a former priest who left because of a woman, they have three college age children now, he works at my parish and his wife is the DRE!  Fr. Alberto should have taken the high road to show his love for this woman, maybe I am just a romantic, but his actions seem kind of cowardly.  He didn’t even have the decency to talk to his bishop – is he trying to save his TV career, or too embarrassed?  Pues no que he loves her?  I think after 6 months he should have known what he wanted, but I guess he wanted his cake… 

 I think the Episcopal bishop handed it poorly as well.  He should have at least consulted with Fr. Alberto’s bishop.  What does that say about the Episcopal Church or the Hispanos in it? 

just my opinion