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We are in the middle of Fiesta week in San Antonio, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fiesta! Here is the official Fiesta site!

Fiesta is known mostly as “Party Time” in San Antonio, but really its roots is the celebration of Anglo hegemony.  The victory of the Texian Army over the Mexicans at the Battle of San Jacinto.  Mexicans and Mexican Americans, since 1836 were often the victims of gringo hatred against the “dirty mescans”.  Of course it is not talked about much, because basically Fiesta is now inundated with “mexican” words, symbols, and imagery.  So we say Viva Mexico, Viva Texas, y Viva San Antonio!


Did you hear about the Miss USA participant who was asked by a gay man (one of the judges) about what she thought of gay marriage?  Her wording was kind of funny, but basically she said she believed marriage was between a man and a woman.  Reports say this may have cost her the title as she ended up runner up.  It was pretty brave of her to make that statement in what was basically a “gay friendly” crowd.  Now heres the rub …do we hold her up as a hero of traditional values when she herself promotes beauty contests that basically just pushes physical beauty and body image?  But still, it makes for an interesting story.