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Yes I survived my trip to Colombia, it was an awesome place to visit.  I went to Medellin which is a city of 3 million people here is a picture from my hotel room.




Mr. Eduardo Bonnin died yesterday in Spain.  Some of our fans are “Cursillistas” (people who have attended the Cursillo weekend).  A Cursillo is a weekend experience of Jesus, or a short course in Christianity.  Mr. Bonnin and others started the Cursillo in Spain in the 40’s.  They are known for singing the popular song “De Colores”.  Conjunto legends Martin Pesina and Toby Torres are both Cursillistas.  I think I first began to love the accordion when I would go with my parents as a youngster to the closing ceremonies of the Cursillos (the clausura).  It was always lively with some great bajo sexto and accordion blaring through the speakers!  Talk about a religious experience!  Cesar Chavez was a cursillista and I think that what he learned in the Cursillo inspired him to action.  

I found this quote about Mr. Bonnin in another blog:  “God used him to found a world wide movement that has brought many men and women into relationship with Jesus Christ and to follow a rule of life of piety, study and action. It is truly amazing what one person, and a lay person at that, can be used by God to do when they truly open themselves up to God’s purpose for their life.”  De Colores!

This ran during the Superbowl to advertise the happy sounding “Fiesta Platter”. Notice what instrument the main mariachi guy is playing.

I don’t know any mariachis who use the bajo sexto…I wish these people would actually ask someone who knew something about the culture before they start targeting Latinos.