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Kids ask the darndest things.  I usually do not miss a beat when my kids ask questions about God, Jesus, or the bible.  However, I was recently asked a very difficult question by my 6 year old.  As he was telling me about how one of his classmates told him that it was really parents that left presents under the tree and there really was no Santa Claus, he asked, “Daddy do you believe in Santa Claus?”…my heart and my mind raced trying to find the correct answer for my innocent child.  After a brief hesitation, I gasped “YES!”  What else could I say?  I followed it up with a clarification (just in case he comes back later and asks why I lied to him),  I told him that Santa Claus is the spirit of Christmas.  Whew… I quickly tried to change the subject.  This is like the time he asked me about a poster he saw at my compadres’ home. My compadre, who is in advertising, had an AIDS campaign that celebrated monogamy and marriage.  The poster began with “I Love Sex”.  So my son who is in first grade and reads pretty well asked me “daddy, what is sex?”  After a few “um”s and “uhhhh”s my compadre arrived just in time to change the subject.  I know I have to approach the subject sooner or later, but I guess I was caught off guard.  I will be more prepared next time. I hope!



We lost another pioneer “La Alondra de la Frontera” Rest in Peace.

Here is an article from the New York Times