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Many of you may not know this but my introduction to music in spanish was Mariachi music, I played in a mariachi infantil when I was around 9 or 10 years old (trivia: I know how to play the guitarron). Anyways, I love mariachi music, and many conjuntos record songs that were originally mariachi classics (by artists like Jose Alfredo Jimenez). However, Peter "el Profe" once asked me: how come when tourists or dignitaries come to San Antonio (or anywhere in Texas) they always have a mariachi group perform?  In reality, if they really wanted to showcase music from San Antonio or South Texas, they should hire a conjunto to perform, ¿que no?  And I agree with him! I think conjunto music is more of the culture of San Antonio.  Mariachi music recognizes our Mexican roots, Conjunto music recognizes our Tex-Mex roots!  Let us have conjuntos greet the President, or a head of a foreign country.  Thanks Profe!