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I attended the April 10th march for immigrant rights. They say there were about 20,000 people. It was nice to see many people there that I knew. Rudy Lopez from the Conjunto Heritage Taller was there, he even came out on TV! ¡No que no! Los Padrinos' good friends Pochimex performed – they were great! (Pochimex is short for Pocho, Chicano, y Mexicano)  I was impressed by the number of young people that were there (high school and college aged kids) No, they didn't just look for an excuse to skip school! the event was held at 5pm in the afternoon.  I hope and pray that these young people never forget where they came from and that this event was an opportunity to reflect on their own heritage as Americans whose parents or grandparents came from different countries. I am grateful that my grandparents (from Guanajuato) came to this country, and I feel that I honor them by trying to maintain spanish (aunque sometimes se me olvidan the words en español) and conjunto music.  If Los Padrinos are about anything we are about maintaining the culture and being ambassadors of conjuntismo! Somos puros Texicanos! Like the words to that Pochimex song "Yo soy Tejano y mexicano, tengo orgullo de donde soy…" Amen to that! ¡Viva America, viva la raza!